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Chateau LeMien french NFT vineyard

Own Premium French
grapevines as NFT

> We find "Rising Global Superstars" and make them available

> 1st Membership + Grapevine NFT sale coming soon..

> Access to limited wine bottles only available here

Thank you ! We will get back to you very soon


RWA Tokenization of
"Rising Global Superstars"

Chateau LeMien vineyard tokenization

Chateau LeMien tokenizes grapevines in selected French vineyards, offering limited-time ownership opportunities to individuals at an affordable price.


We concentrate on "Rising Global Superstars," a concept detailed further in this section.

During your grapevine ownership, you will receive a unique collection of wine bottles as NFTs.

You can choose to store the wine in a professional cellar, sell it as an NFT on the marketplace without moving the bottle, or have it delivered for your personal enjoyment.

Experience the future of winemaking with us!

1st NFT Sale

Staring date: TBA
330USDT - Only 300 available

For the price, you will receive 🔑MNFT & 🍇GNFT. With 🍇GNFT, you can farm 🍷BNFT
🔑 MNFT 🔑
Membership NFT
Lifetime membership of Chateau LeMien
Your pass to all future sales!
This is soulbound and only you can use it.

​Included in the 1st sale price.

  • 3-year holding of a grapevine in a high-quality vineyard in Pomerol (Château La Croix Taillefer)
  • Access to BNFT farming (3 years)
  • 2 year free storage of wine bottles
​Included in the 1st sale price.
🍇 GNFT 🍇
Grapevine NFT
3 years
*Delivery & duties in France and Japan (once a year at a designated time) included. For all other countries, you are responsible for them.
Allows you to connect with the community
  • High-quality Pomerol wine bottles
  • Designed by world-renowned VR/AR/NFT artist Aimi Sekiguchi
​You can farm this with GNFT so this is included in the NFT price.
🍷 BNFT 🍷
Wine Bottle NFT
3 years
Unique, collectible treasures

Grand Opening 
Limited-Edition Wine

Chateau LeMien Grand Opening commemorative special wine: A super limited collection featuring high-quality Pomerol wine and Aimi Sekuguchi's exclusive design collaboration.

Aimi00 1.png

Design by Aimi Sekiguchi
World-renowned VR/NFT Artist




P2H Game “The God Hands”

In our new Play-to-Harv(est) game that leverages DeFi mechanisms, you can harvest project tokens, which you can then use to purchase our NFTs, services, and more! Follow our X for game release updates and item giveaways!


How it works?

Tokenizes grapevines
Creates marketplace
Stores & delivers bottles
Run a farming game
Offer grapevines
Produce wine
1 bottle (BNFT) / year
- Access to all future sale
- Farming BNFs and project tokens

Our approach

We identify "Rising Global Superstar" vineyards and artists, making them accessible through our wine collection.

Cutting-edge Artists

Collaboration between artists expected to make a global impact in the future and high-quality vineyards.

Limited-edition collector NFTs and rare wine bottles

High-potential Vineyards

Top vineyards, both established and emerging, expected to see a significant rise in the value of their wines.

High probability of wine bottle price going up

$VINO Token

Still in the process of being implemented..

Image de Dan Meyers

Buy NFTs at  exclusive sales in the future

Image de Jenny Ueberberg

Buy  services

on our Marketplace

Image de Benjamin Child

Enjoy the P2H game "The God Hands"



There are many web3 wine projects. How are you different?

While many wine projects focus on selling bottles, we offer a unique opportunity: cultivate your own grapevines in selected French vineyards for a specific period. This not only serves as a diversified investment but also allows you to acquire limited wine collections, or simply enjoy a glass of exceptional wine. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in our Play-to-Harvest (P2H) game "The God Hands," which we are developing to be an engaging and captivating experience!

When will be the next vineyard sale?

We are aiming to offer a sale opportunity in Q1 2024.

I don't have a wine cellar. How can I properly store the bottles to maintain their quality?

We will collaborate with professional cellars, allowing you to store your wine bottles without the need for your own wine cellar to maintain the quality of the wine.

Can I resell my membership (🔑MNFT), grapevine (🍇GNFT), or wine bottles (🍷BNFT)?

MNFT is soul-bound, making you the lifetime member exclusively. GNFT details are to be announced. BNFTs can be sold on our marketplace. This allows you to sell wine bottles as NFTs without physically moving them, simplifying your life and preserving the quality of the wine.

Why is delivery not included for my country?

Please note that wine delivery logistics, taxes, and duties vary depending on the country. At present, we offer delivery services to France and Japan. You have the option to store your wine with us for an extended period (note that additional costs may apply after a certain number of years), and we can assist with arranging delivery. However, please be aware that the costs of delivery and any applicable duties will be your responsibility. We are diligently working to facilitate easier delivery options to additional countries.

Alternatively, you can choose to store your wine bottles with us and later resell them as NFTs when their value increases. This approach eliminates the need to pay for delivery, duties, and other related expenses, offering a convenient and potentially profitable solution.

Get an alert for the 1st NFT sale

Thank you ! We will get back to you when we are ready for the NFT sale!

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